Carnival 2k14 Launch Party for Destra And Her New Band

Destra Garcia kicked off her carnival 2014 season, with a new look band at the Zen Nightclub, on November 10th. The band, now called Bakanal, features two new male vocalist, Olatunji Yearwood, and Stuart Silva.
It was also, Destra’s birthday and her sponsors presented her with a large red, D shaped birthday cake, while her band gave her,a large bouquet of red roses.

Destra and Bakcanal’s first official performance, will be at a prestigious golf course in Dubai, on November 23rd.

To contact us here at the Ministry of Soca or Ramajay iRadio;

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About Ramajay iRadio

Ramajay iRadio, promoting Soca, Calypso, RapSo, Raga, Chutney Soca, Bashment, Zouk, Bouyon, Caribbean style carnival and Trinidad & Tobago culture, in the North of England and Europe. Visit our website for details
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