October Launch for T&T Carnival 2014… and Changes?

The Trinidad & Tobago NCC has scheduled a launch of the Carnival 2014 festival, for October 26th to the 27th, at a venue to be announced shortly. Apart from disclosing how much the organisation will spend on Carnival, it is also expected to reveal the format of events and any changes that might be made in the structure, and production of the national festival.
NCC chairman Allison Demas, said the organisation will start rolling out plans for the festival this week. There are some significant changes planned for the parade route particularly in Port-of-Spain. For many years, congestion to the stage and judging point, at the Queen’s Park Savannah, has been a sore point for band leaders, and masqueraders. Many suggestions have been put forward to the NCC e.g. allocating slots on the day,  with very little feedback returned. However, signs are hopeful that incoming CEO, Michael Guyadeen along with other new post holders may usher in a new era for T&T’s biggest festival.

Other areas that need addressing include; increasing monetary awards to the carnival kings, queens and individuals, and a response to returning the Dimache Gras to the Carnival Sunday schedule, with calls have been made to return this show to Carnival Sunday night, with all its components, inclusive of the National Calypso Monarch final, and the finals of the King and Queen competitions.


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