Pan With Saints Concert: St Mary’s College Celebrates 150th Anniversary

Saint Mary’s College, one of the oldest and prestigious schools in Trinidad & Tobago, will be celebrating their 150th Anniversary this year. To mark the occasion, the college is hosting a concert entitled, Pan With The Saints, on Sunday the 26th of May, at St Mary’s College.

Those attending have been promised 150 minutes of pan music at its best. The St Mary’s College Pan Ensemble, will be joined by Birdsong, Desperadoes, Exodus, Silver Stars and Starlift steel orchestras. Each guest band has 25 minutes to fill from their extensive repertoire. However, to date, none of the big five bands have release a playlist for the concert.

This is a ticketed event. For further details contact the college or visit their website at As always their is a link on the Ministry of Soca’s webpage.


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