Pan! The Movie.

Pan! We are The World, a film written by Dr Kim Johnson and directed by Thierry Teston. It tells the story of the steel pan, by weaving re-enacted historical events, with the aspiring present day dreams of the main characters.

Whether Trinidadian, American or from as far afield as Japan and Europe, all the characters in the film share a love for the steel pan. Many of them aim to play in the prestigious annual Panorama finals, held in Trinidad and Tobago. However, they each have to pass the hotly contested auditions and hope that their steel orchestras, survive the gauntlet of preliminaries, regionals and the tough semi-finals, to get a taste of the electric atmosphere of the finals.

For more information, and to view a trailer for the movie, visit the website There is a Get Involved link, for opportunities to contribute to the film and several sponsor packages to help support the making of the film. There is also a link available on the Ministry of Soca’s webpage.


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